Thursday, 6 January 2011

Lotus Root Crisp

The root of the lotus plant, with its characteristic "wheel shape" cross section, has long been a popular vegetable in the Orient. It is the only plant in the world that actually grows in all three elements: earth (mud), water and air, perhaps this is why it is so medicinal and its exquisite flowers represent beauty and longevity.
 Besides its use as a food, all parts of the lotus plant - seeds, leaves, and flowers as well as the root - have long been respected in the East for their medicinal properties. In Oriental medicine,  lotus seeds are eaten to increase energy and vitality and to aid digestion. Containing twenty percent protein, the seeds are also nourishing. Though the entire rhizome can be used medicinally, the portion where the links join has the greatest effect. The physical resemblance of lotus root to the lungs is a clue to its healing properties.

 Lotus root has traditionally been used to treat various respiratory problems. Small doses of the juice extracted from raw, finely grated lotus root is prescribed for lung-related ailments, such as tuberculosis, asthma, and coughing.  It is said to melt mucus accumulation in the body, especially in the respiratory system.  They are good for heart diseases, also to increase energy and neutralize toxins from our body.(source)

I’ve always loved the lace look,not at all the flavor,the crunchiness and the mildly sweet taste of the root its are really heaven.Normally I used these Lotus root for stir fry or make some delicious mouthwatering soup but suddenly got a idea,what will be like if I fried them.Wow the taste was incredible.So crispy full of flavor.
  • 1 Lotus root ~ sliced thinly as possible
  • Pepper ~ a pinch
  • Chilli powder ~ a pinch
  • Salt ~ per taste
  • Oil ~ enough for deep fry

1.First of all peel the skin and very carefully sliced them as thin as possible:)
2.Add pepper,salt,chilli powder and toss well.
3.In a wok,heat oil to 320°F.Fry a small batches of root slices over medium heat,until they are slightly golden brown and crisp. 
4.Drain on paper towels on a rack.


Cathy Canaceli said...

Wow! Looks yummy! But I'm not sure if Lotus root is available in the Philippines... I've had a lotus dessert in a hotel but a very rare thing in Manila...

Would love to try this one out if given the chance...

tastebudtalk said...

They look absolutely yummy!
Thanks for dropping by my blog!

kavitha said...

@Cathy:Hi dear,
Even Im not sure but some how there is must be.Let me know if u try and thanks for your valuable comment dear.

kavitha said...

Hi Tastebudtalk,
You're welcome dear:):)

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