Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Mutton Kurma

 Nothing beats like mum's cooking.I loved her Mutton Kurma most.Its so delicious and reminds me of when I were little.I mostly try to copy her but it doesn't taste the same.She taught me few(My favorite's) recipes while she were visited me here in UK a year ago. The astonishing part was, I got change to learn  how she prepared food, her style and sense of taste, something  very different and gave an ethnic Malaysian flavor back again to me and to my kitchen, after several years of living on my own with hubby's (Sri Lankan cuisine).
This Mutton Kurma usually refers not to a particular cooking technique but to a curry with a thick, cream-based sauce or gravy; is invariably mildly spicy and may often feature nuts, usually almonds or cashews, and coconut.Its so yummy to eat with paratha.I loved this combo and also its go really well with idiyappam(string hopper).Hmm.Before uttering a word lets we view these indulging recipes which I diligently took notes on my diary while mum made this Kurma;)
Mutton Kurma by My mum
300g ~ Mutton (cut into 2 inch, preferably with bones)
2 ~ Onions, chopped
1tbsp ~ Ginger and garlic paste
2inch ~ Cinnamon sticks
3 ~ Bay leaves
2nos ~ Star anise
2 ~ Pandan Leaves (cut into 2inch)-Optional
1tsp ~ Turmeric powder
2 1/2tbsp ~ Kurma curry powder
2tsp ~ Coriander powder
2medium ~ Potatoes (cut into 4)- Optional
1small ~ Carrot (sliced into 1/2inch)- Optional
2nos ~ Red chillies (cut it in half lengthwise)
1 ~ Tomatoes (cut into quarter)
1Spring ~ Curry leaves
Oil or ghee for fry
Salt to taste
Coriander leave for garnish

1tsp ~ Cumin Seeds
1tsp ~ Fennel seeds
5nos ~ Cloves
10-15 ~ Cashew nuts (Soaked for 30 minutes)

1.Blend all the ingredients listed above with little water and keep a side.
2.Heat ghee or oil in a large pan.Add cinnamon stick,bay leaves,pandan leave and star anise and saute for few second.
3.Add ginger-garlic paste,chopped onion and curry leaves saute for 3 minutes. Add kurma curry powder,turmeric powder and coriander powder and stir untill fragrance,Add the blended paste and cook over medium heat for 7-8 mts.
4.Add cleaned mutton pieces,combine well and cook for about 7 to 10 minute then add salt to taste.
5.Add enough water to cover the meat and cook with lid on simmer till the mutton is 3/4 cooked now add carrot,tomatoes,red chillies and potatoes and let it simmer till potaoes and mutton is tender and the gravy is thickens.Turn off heat.
6.Garnish with chopped coriander leaves.
7.Serve with any kind of rice dish,paratha or roti even its go very well with idiyappam (string hopper).


♥LOVE2COOK♥ said...

Super delicious looking mutton kurma sis!!! Am so drooling right now. Yup...I agree...nothing beats mum's cooking! How much we try pun, cannot beat the chief cooks. Hehee..

Have to wait till our own kids grow up and credit our cooking as their mum's best! Hahaha...

kavitha said...

Its absolutely true sis.Mum's always best in everything.
Lets wait and see what their accreditation on our food.hehehe..

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