Friday, 25 February 2011

Fried Turmeric Tofu/Tauhu Goreng Kunyit.

Tofu/Tauhu is one of my favorite.Its terrifically packed with protein as well as heart-healthy unsaturated oil and  also an excellent meat substitutes.This is one of Malaysian-inspired Tofu/Tauhu dish which loaded with fresh turmeric. One of the things is Turmeric is a nature's most powerful healers and the recent research has revealed that turmeric is a natural wonder, proving beneficial in the treatment of many different health conditions from cancer to Alzheimer's disease.Good na.So why you waiting for,just add turmeric to all your dish you cook.Lets come to the point,I cooked this aromatic turmeric,onion,chilli and lemongrass sauteed tofu for lunch today and just
tofu tucked the leftover in tortilla wraps, for dinner entree.

Fried Turmeric Tofu/Tauhu Goreng Kunyit by Kavi
300g Tofu/Tauhu-cut into pieces
15-20g Fresh turmeric-pounded
1 large Onion-cut into round slices (I used red onion)
1 large Red chilli pepper-cut diagonally 
2 large Green chilli pepper-cut diagonally
2 stalks of Fresh lemongrass-crushed
Pepper powder
Place the tofu in a bowl,add pepper powder and salt.Gently toss a bit and deep fry Agedashi Tofu Recipe until the tofu is golden brown.Keep a side.Saute turmeric,lemongrass,onion,red and green chilli for few minute.Add the fried tofu,salt in and stir well to combine and let it cook for 2 minute.Serve.

Have a nice day everyone!!


KenMAHD said...

Hi Kavi! :)

You've presented the dish on photo very well :) I'm tweeting it! (@KenMAHD on Twitter)

ps: I'm following ur blog :)



Nikki said...

hey Kavita,
Thanks for following my blog and you have an amazing space out you get a follower too.
Thanks and happy cooking,

kitchen queen said...

lovely dish you have a nice can visit my blog and give ur valuable comments.

Rev said...

interesting! like your space.

Reshmi said...

hi kavitha, first time here.. u've wonderful collection of recipes and I love the way u present them.. Following u!!

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