Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Baked Orange Custards

Just baked this easy peasy 'Orange Custrad' few days ago.All you need milk,sugar,egg,cream and vanilla to bake this silky sweet custards.I had never made or tried a baked custard before and really not sure the taste either so this is the time..I just halved the recipe for my preference and give it a try.

Its taste delicious and very sweet but again this is not my cuppa coz its taste so eggy and sweet,even after I cut down the sugar.My lit cutie pie loved it,since than I can make another go just for himself and this a good dessert those have a really sweet tooth.I had used a sponge cloth to prevent the ramekins moving while cook.I thought that's a  bit safer rather than tea towel. 

If you've like it just give try might be you love taste...:-) 

Baked Orange Custards
Makes 6
4 large eggs
2 large egg yolks
185g caster sugar
1tsp vanilla extract
500ml milk
250ml cream
2tbsp Grand Marnier
Grated rind of 1 orange

Heat the oven to 150c.Place a tea towel on the bottom of a baking dish large enough to hold six 150ml ramekins(this stop the pots moving around while cooking.)Beat the eggs,egg yolks and sugar until thick,then stir in the vanilla,milk,cream and grand marnier.Strain the mixture and stir through the orange rind.Pour into the ramekins and place them in the baking dish.Pour boiling water into the dish until its come halfway up the side of the ramekins.Carefully transfer to the oven and cook for 35-40minute,or until set.Serve at room temperature.
Have a Lovely Day everyone!!!!


JishasKItchen said...

wow...delicious!!...tempting clicks too..

Satrupa said...

Delicious ......

Kalpana Sareesh said...

very delicious yummy looking n perfect clicks

Ananda Rajashekar said...

They looks luscious, love citrous in any desserts!

Padhu said...

Looks superb and very nice pictures

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