Sunday, 3 April 2011

Stir-Fried Fish in Oyster Sauce

First of all I would like to wish A very Happy Mother's Day(Mothering Sunday) to all mothers in United Kingdom.Have a wonderful,merrier weekend everyone!!!^_^

My computer just recovered from a severe Virus Fever.God goodness my hubby mended it without losing any of the files,documents and pictures.But I certainly lose all my favourite website and to do list which I bookmarked earlier:(.Well today I'm going to share my version of a Chinese Style dish.

One of my favourite ,very quick and easy prepare yet so delicious  stir fried fish pieces with  oyster sauce.Its absolutely a simple and comfort dish I prepared few days ago to go with rice for our lunch.I love the instinct flavour of the oyster sauce very much.I addicted to it,is the best description I think.I normally add a good splash of this sauce to all the stir fry I cook.Its really gives an oomph taste to the dish and also to your taste bud.

Here come the recipe below^__^

Stir-Fried Fish in Oyster Sauce

300g fish fillets (any firm fleshed fish will do)
1/4cup corn flour/starch
white paper
3garlic-cut into julienne 
2.5inch ginger-cut into julienne
2nos green chilli (optional)
5nos dried red chilli
1onion-cut into ring
2tbsp oyster sauce
1tsp fish sauce
2tbsp bonito/fish stock
3-4stalk spring onion-cut into 1.5inch
oil for frying

Cut the fish fillets into 1 inch size pieces.Season it with salt and pepper.Then add corn flour to the seasoned fish pieces  and toss well to coat.
Heat enough oil in a  fry pan.Deep fry the fish pieces until just cook.Drain in paper towels and set aside.Heat one tablespoon oil in another fry pan.Saute the garlic,ginger,green chillies and dried red chillies until fragrant.Add the fried fish pieces,stir in oyster sauce,bonito stock and fish sauce,let it cook for few minutes until the sauce is thicken.Then in go the onion rings spring onion and a generous pinch of white pepper powder and stir well(add more salt if necessary). Let stand in  few second and turn of the heat.Voila is ready to serve with rice.

*Subs the BONITO STOCK to chicken/vegetable stock or even water will do
*Any firm and fleshed white fish work well.For example:halibut,snapper,grouper,tilapia.


An Open Book said...

hi kavitha...we are fb friends but this is my first time here.. you have a beautiful space and gorgeous pics. I assume you are also from London ??? its always a pleasure to meet fellow londoners :)

♥LOVE2COOK♥ said...

What beautiful dish! Loved the pics ya ;)

Satrupa said...

Delicious .... luv the fish in oyster sauce. Gr8 clicks too... luv them all.


kavitha said...

@Nisha(AOB)Thank you so much for dropping in my space:).Yeah I'm from London too.Its real delight to met you through Ria Mathew.

@wink..wink Thank you sis:-)

@hi Satrupa.How are you dear?.Thank you for your lovely comments:)

Ananda Rajashekar said...

`Stir fry fish can any better with fish and warm rice? SLURP :)

Malar Gandhi said...

Love fish in oyster sauce, very flavorful

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