Saturday, 25 June 2011

Tom Yam Scented Chicken Croquette

I never imagined before until I experimented this new version of croquette using tom yam paste  few weeks ago. The tom yam flavor worked immensely in this croquette.Actually,I am a big fan of tom yam, but not those fancy tom yam soup noddle sell around the globe thus the tom yam paste I have at home.I don't know why I'm not fancy about the tom yam soup noodles.

Whatever, the matters is the tom yam paste I have at home are a very charming fellow,work very well in every sort of dish I prepared and this experiments are indeed success.Taste so delight and yummy eventually.

The fried onion gave an another caramelized flavor in it.Over all is awesome I thought.If you thought its look and sound delicious, then give yourself a try and let me know what you think about the croquette.NOTE: I used Cock Brand tom yam paste, use any brand of tom yam paste for instead if you can't find the one I mentioned.

Tom Yam Scented Chicken Croquette
500g Chicken mince
1/2cup Fried onion
1 big Potato-cut into small pieces
2 Stalk spring onion-chopped
1-2 Red chillies-chopped
2 karrif leave-chopped thinly
1.5tbsp Tom Yam Paste-(add or less as per your taste)
2-3  Bread-Breadcrumbs
1-2  Egg
Pepper powder
Oil for frying

Srichacha Mayonnaise Sauce
1/4 cup Mayonnaise


1.Fried the potatoes pieces until golden brown.Drain well on paper towel and keep aside.

2.Heat a pan with a drizzle of oil and sauté the chicken mince,let it cooked thoroughly.Cool it to room temperature.

3.Meanwhile,get the breadcrumbs ready by tear off the bread into small pieces and place them into a food processor and blend to a fine crumbs.Keep one side.Mix the egg in another bowl with fork and keep aside.

4.Add the cooled chicken mince in a big  bowl and place all other ingredients except the breadcrumbs and egg.Seasoned with salt and pepper.Mix well until the tom paste coated thoroughly.

5.Take a small size ball of the mixture,rolled into round and genteelly press to flatted or roll it to any shape as you desire.

6.Dip the flattened mixture in the egg then coated it in breadcrumbs and fry it untill it turn gilden brown and serve the delicious tomyam chicken cutlet with srichacha mayo sauce..See the recipe below.

For the sauce:
Mix the ingredients well and serve.

Have a Beautiful Weekend Everyone!!!!


♥LOVE2COOK♥ said...

This is utterly delicious croquette sis!! Can I have some ???

In return, I brought you some Nasi Lemak :)

Tan.wiratchada said...

Most beautiful photos and look delicious....^.^

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