Saturday, 9 July 2011

Sambal Okra / Bendi Sambal

Hello Everyone and Salam sejahtera(Greeting) to you all my dear friends.

Today delicacy came far from Malaysia. Sambal Okra is a simplest dish in Perenakan(Nyonya) cuisine. A vegetable is blanch carefully without loosing is crunchiness and served with a dollop of sambal on a side or can be serve as a stir fry too. All you need is give a quick stir to the okra and sambal on heated pan on high heat to form a stir fried Sambal Okra.Its take a jiffy to make yet so delicious and very best eaten with rice.Do try.

Sambal Okra / Bendi Sambal
2Onos Okra/ Bendi/ Lady finger
200g Red chili
3clove Garlic
2no Shallots
5tbsp Tamarind juice
1tbsp Toasted Shrimp paste / Belacan
1tsp Palm sugar - or to taste
Salt - to taste

For the sambal, Pound the red chili, garlic, onion and shrimp paste using pestle and mortar till to form a fine paste.In a pan, heat the oil and transfer the pounded spices and cook on a med-low heat until aromatic.Stir occasionally, then in go the tamarind juice, salt and sugar as per your taste and cook until oil is separated and fragrant.Keep aside.

For the Okra ,Cut the top and tail of the okra and blanch them just until cook.Drain and lay them on serving plate and pour the sambal on top of okra.Serve immediately.

Have A Lovely Weekend Everyone!!!!


K.Nor said...

i love this kind of dish too.. yummy :)

Reshmi Mahesh said...

New to me...looks good...nice clicks..

kavis said...

Kak Nor,I love this kinda dishes too even my Sri Lankan hubby loves those sambal a lot.

Reshmi,Thank you dear..Yeah this is one of Malaysian dish.Do try dear, you'll definitely love it.

Sharmilee! :) said...

Awesome details in ur pics...this recipes sounds new and interesting to me

Tan.wiratchada said...

Just saw the photo...I already can tell you this recipe is "GREAT" one...+ great shoot..^.^ Thank you for sharing..

Anonymous said...


lena said...

i love this dish a lot, very appetising! NIce photos!

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