Sunday, 14 August 2011

Red Swiss Chard Stir Fry

The Red Swiss Chard is freshly picked from the Pick Your Own farm, where we've visited last month.I also did mentioned about the PYO in my previous post too.

The Hewitt's Farm is situated in Orpington,Kent and its took about twenty minutes drive from my place to there.Moreover There's a car boot sales fair is held throughout the winter and also allowed to do a barbecue and picnic around summer.Obviously the farm is loaded with so much fun and excitement.

As I said earlier the orchards are almost ready to pick.We are going there end of August to pick those delicious apples,pumpkins,beetroot,broad bean,pears,plums and a lot more.

I turned the swiss chard into this delicious stir fry.I added red chilli powders  for extra heat and color.We are mostly use dry anchovies or prawns for almost to every green vegetables dish we prepare except if is come as  pure vegetarian or religious purpose.Here's the recipe.


Red Swiss Chard Stir FryIngredients:
1 big bunch Red swiss chard-finely chopped
1 Onion-chopped
2 Green chilli- slit
2clove Garlic-crushed
1/4cup Shredded coconut
1tsp Red chilli powder
2tbsp Dry anchovies or dry prawns- coarsely chopped (optional)
1spring Curry leave- chopped
Turmeric powder a pinch
Urad dal
Mustard seeds
Fennel seeds
Salt to taste

Heat oil in a pan.Splutter mustard seeds, once its splutter add the dry anchovies or dry prawns and let it fry for a mins.

Then add urad dal, fennel seeds, garlic, green chilli, onion and curry leave and  saute till onion softens.

Add turmeric and chilli powder to it, followed by the chopped swiss chard,salt and cover the pan and cook in low heat and occasionally stir it.

When the swiss chard cooked,add shredded coconut stir until  is dry in texture.Serve hot.


Aarthi said...

that look delicious

Krithi's Kitchen said...

Lovely pics.. delicious looking stir-fry..

Anonymous said...

Hi, coming across your blog, very interesting!

Just curious, do you think I can find this Red Swiss Chard in Malaysia?



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