Friday, 19 August 2011

Watermelon Juice {A Thirst Quencher}

Jeng!!! Jeng!!! Jeng!!! Here I come.Today post is very very simple one and even no recipe needed.Although,  I'm happy to share the gorgeous and well known  Watermelon Juice to you all.

Uff oh, No need to specify this here, apparently everyone  knew that the watermelon have alots of health benifical and also a  thirst quencher for the scorching sun in summer days.

Amongst others this watermelon juice is one of the thing I remember fondly from childhood were often bought from fruit vendors around my place and you can found the watermelons plant everywhere in remote areas.Personally I feel there is nothing is more soothing and enjoyable than the watermelon juice,especially in summery weather.the other best thing is eating melon with asam  boi powder was awesome and immensely tasteful.

As my knowledge there have  so many varieties of watermelon but particularly in Malaysia, there's found  two type of watermelon one of those are in red color which is found anywhere in earth and the others are yellowish color which was my amma's favorite.

Nowadays I really frustrated with the blogger.Blogger not allowing me to follow new bloggers through friends connect.Why is that? Is this happen to me only or???.

The other good news I would like to share to you all is I'm officially changing my blog name from "Kavis Aromatic World" to "MY COOKINGDOM" and working hard to change the url now but fears to do so because the first attempt has disappeared my blog from Google and bloggers and I couldn't access my page but luckily I reformed it..

Every of you are so precious for me and I'm not allowing  to loose one of you So, Kindly bear that in mind.In case anything happen just contact me at or follow me in FACEBOOK and sorry for the inconvenience.I hope you like my new blog's name.

Watermelon Juice
Seedless Watermelon
Sugar or Honey {Adjust to your taste or omit}

Cut the rinds off the watermelons and slice them into chunk.Blend and serve with liberal amount of ice.Enjoy!!

For Sparkling Watermelon Juice:
Add 1/2 cup of 7up or sprite to 1cup watermelon juice.

I hope you like my post..Please come again!!!


Satrupa said...

Gulp Gulp ..... lovely presentation :) Makes me Thirsty :)

kavis said...

Thank you Satrupa

Kalpana Sareesh said...

Am very thirsty this clicks quench them!!! ALL the best for the name change !!! All works well!!

Now Serving said...

delicious pictures - a thirst quencher indeed :) Cheers, priya

Now Serving said...

Don't know if my comment took - The drinks look fabulous and are thirst quenchers indeed! nice blog Kavi - do check out mine when you have a moment

Sharmilee! :) said...

Beautiful presentation...yummy and refreshing drink

Vardhini said...

Amazing presentation .. refreshing juice.

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