Friday, 21 October 2011

Murukku ~ Amma's Special

 Murukku is one of the popular snack usually made by Indian on the festive season of  Diwali. In the olden days Amma traditionally made them by soaked the rice and then allowed the rice to dry. Once its dried, then it would be grounded using ural {a large stone mortar}to a fine powder .

The elaborate process repeated until the all batches to finish. She made through everything by herself without a help from us. Even the process is hard, the end result always paid well with a lip smacking crispy Murukku.Those beautiful memories always cherish in my inner heart.

Since the technology is started to develop, the commercial gradually  started to introduced the grounded legumes. Then it's slowly gain to the fancy ready made products. Even though Amma's never give up the olden method. 

However, she get down to use the commercial product for easy purpose when she began her Special Diwali Business few years ago. Where she sells her home made sweets and savory snacks at Diwali Bazaar. She used about 100 plus 500g pre packed Baba's Murukku Mix every year for her Diwali order.The Diwali Bazaar is held almost in the main cities of Malaysia. The colorful Bazaar be alive for one month ahead before the festive of light and it's filled with everything we needs and made the shopper ease for  Diwali. 

From then everyone in our family use Baba's Murukku Mix. So, here  I'm going to share the first Diwali snack I made today. Obviously, the recipe used the per-mixed flour. As my knowledge, the Baba's brand product is widely available at almost everywhere. Thus, Amma never followed the instruction  because she used her own method again to form the Murukku more yummilicious. 

Yes, the freshly extracted thin coconut milk, heated well in slow heat then mixed with butter and ghee along with the flavorful carom seeds and sesame seeds. This process gave an irresistible fragrant to the Murukku. Although, sometime there also added some chilli powder, cumin seeds or asafoetida(hing) for more zesty flavor. Well, Here the recipe is below.

Enjoy with a cuppa of your choice...crunch...crinch...

Murukku -Amma's Special

1 Baba's murukku mix
380ml freshly extracted thin coconut milk
2tsp white sesame - dry roast
2tsp carom seeds/ omam - dry roast
1/4tsp salt
1.5bsp butter - cold
1tbsp ghee

Things you need:
murukku maker/ press
disc with 1 star {come with murukku maker}
 papers, zip lock bag, parchment or wax paper or holed tray {string hoppers tray}
slotted ladle


Add the coconut milk in a milk pan, heat the milk on low heat about 10 minutes{ Do not bring to boil}.

Meanwhile, add dry roasted carom and sesame seeds into the Baba's MurukkuMix along with salt, butter and ghee, mix thoroughly.

Once the milk is cold enough to handle, gradually add the warmed coconut milk into the Baba's Murukku Mixture and mix well until the mixture  forms to a pliable dough.

Get a pan ready with enough oil to deep fry the Murukku.

Meantime, place some dough into the Murukku maker.Press the Murukku maker slowly into circular motion onto the paper or holed tray. The choice is yours.

Place the shaped Murukku into the pan. Fry the Murukku on moderate heat until it's turn to golden brown.

Remove the Murukku onto a tissue paper. Let the Murukku is completely cool then store them in an air tight container.

Store well for at least 3weeks. Enjoy the crispy crunchy Murukku .


Stay tune with My Cookingdom for more  delicious snack..While then enjoy your weekend guys..


Jayanthy Kumaran said...

wow...sounds utterly tasty...Amma's recipes are always special n mouthwatering..
love ur excellent cliks.
happy following u..:)
do stop by mine sometime..
Tasty Appetite

Unknown said...

Crispy n yummy murukku...adding coconutmilk sure gives a nice flavour...yumyum

Raks said...

I too blogged the same today :) Love it! Love your presentation very much!

Ambreen (Simply Sweet n Savory) said...

Crispy snack, wonderful clicks!

Suja Manoj said...

Crispy and yummy murukku,nice recipe..bookmarked

abraham said...

These look delicious.

Sandhya Hariharan said...

Oooh Delicious.. .and they look just perfect...

Deepa said...

The murukku looks divine! You transported me back to Chennai. :)

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